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Signature Perpetua Pencil

Signature Perpetua Pencil

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Remember to take the train, Perpetua and notes :)

You come home from work. By train. He's sitting across from you. You start a conversation. He wants to give you his…. best spaghetti recipe ever, but you tell him you don't have a pencil with you. Big mistake. And I doubt you haven’t watched Eternal Sunshine. Or Before Midnight. Anyway, you finally ask for his number. Well done! BUT. You should always have your pencil with you! For autographs, notes to self, little haiku poems inspired while commuting, to paint a stranger on the train, or to write down that stranger’s recipe on that train (just saying). We need to write things down. All the time. But in style.

Signature Perpetua Pencil is the designer pencil you need. The source of endless creative possibilities.. What is special about it, you may ask? Perpetua is not made of wood but of recycled graphite. The recycled material combined with a licensed chemical component forms a protective layer. This way your hands do not get dirty while writing! Due to its semicircular shape, it cannot roll away from the table (or the train), but even if it does, the pencil will not break due to its robust material (even if the train runs over it :O ). This is achieved without the addition of a protective varnish and without any further processing. Plus, it has hardness grade HB and contains a ruler on the flat side - on which only the number 7 is engraved - and a bright yellow eraser made of natural rubber.

So, Perpetua is the perfect pencil to always carry with you! Like Roman:

“If I have an idea in my head, all I really need to develop the initial concept is a Perpetua and something to draw on! I use the pencil to sketch and the ruler to always keep a reference of scale. The number 7 has kind of  become a lucky charm for me, it is hidden throughout all my designs, but also allows me to read the ruler in one glance.” - Roman Luyken


- The Signature Perpetua Pencil is made from 80% recycled graphite, is non-toxic and additive-free. Therefore, when you are finished with it, it can be recycled in its entirety.
- The graphite in this pencil is made from material recovered from industrial processes that would otherwise be buried underground in landfills. With Perpetua, this waste is recovered, sieved and ennobled, becoming “Upgraded Recycled Graphite”. So, by using Perpetua you are disposing of 15 grams of graphite!
- This innovative method of producing pencils is much more sustainable than cutting down trees.
- Perpetua writes 20 times more if compared to traditional pencils (1120 km) and doesn’t break due to its strong material. Thus, it’s a long-lasting choice which you won’t need to replace. Good for you, good for the environment :)
- Made in Italy.


Designer: Marta Giardini / Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 195 x 8 x 7 mm
Material: 80% Graphite
Origin: Planet Earth


- Made of 80% recycled graphite
- Environmentally friendly
- Non-toxic, clean ad suitable for children
- Long-lasting, it writes 20 times more if compared to traditional pencils (1120 km)
- HB hardness
- Semicircular shape so that it doesn’t fall from the table
- Robust material so that it doesn’t break if it falls
- It does not get your hands dirty
- No glues or protective coatings added
- Can be sharpened but also writes without a tip
- Top quality, latex-free eraser attached for easy, clean corrections
- Can also be used as a ruler
- Great gift for a friend, home office or children to draw


Is it possible to sharpen the pencil?
Yes, you can use a normal pencil sharpener for this. But it also writes without a tip.
Does the pencil write on any surface?
Like most pencils, it only writes on paper. But in a sustainable way :)

Is pencil graphite toxic?
Graphite is a precious natural and non-toxic mineral. The Perpetua Pencil, made from 80% recycled graphite, is non-toxic and additive-free.

Why is this pencil considered eco-friendly?
You can read the impact section and you’ll see :)
Of course, feel free to ask us anything else that comes up!


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