The first to welcome you when you get home and hang up your jacket everyday. It better be good, right?

to the Hangers


...or the hanging wardrobe. It hangs freely from the ceiling and carries the clothes that would normally end up over the back of your chair.

to the Loops


A better multitasker than you.
Everything that would otherwise be lying around can now be stored "floating" and ready to use.

to the S Hooks
  • Socially Made

    A social workshop near Stuttgart, Germany makes all our rope products by hand. The experience has been incredible, high quality, no stress and simply put, a lot of fun.

  • Inspired by a Passion

    Our creator, Roman Luyken grew up sailing competitively. His experience in modifying his sheets (ropes) for his boat has inspired him to do the same for your home.

  • Other Products by Peppermint

    While our brand has grown with Ropes, we have also created a few 'passion projects' along the way. Explore and even buy them here.

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