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Loop Ropes

Loop Ropes

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Some things at home should be easily accessible. Like the scarf you want to quickly grab and go. You don't want it hidden in a closet or storage box. And, come on, it's also too cute for that! The problem is that it usually ends up lying either on the couch - where you’d rather lie - or over the back of your chair - where you’d rather sit.

Now close your eyes.
Imagine a wardrobe hanging in your living room like a cool work of art. It's made of rope, it doesn't take up any space and you can both store and "exhibit" your favorite pieces on it.

Now open your eyes.
This is "Loop Rope". And it’s happy to meet you!

  • Space-efficient

    Instead of a huge closet that shrinks the room we designed something light and breezy that lets the sunlight pass through it, making the whole apartment feel bright and more spacious.

  • Height-adjustable

    The rope is actually a tube. Right where the loops are, there is a solid wire in the tube. The wire cannot be bent, but it can be pushed up and down inside the rope tube. Similar to the trick with the safety pin when threading in rubber bands when sewing.

    * Trust us, the DIY mounting part is simple and fun with the fixing materials - a screw and a wall plug - included.

  • Strong and Safe

    The hanging wardrobe is both durable and very light. It hangs freely from the ceiling or the wall and safely carries coats, dresses, scarves, bags, hats, and whatever else you can think of. It can also fit perfectly in the bathroom as a towel hanger.

  • Socially Made in Germany

    Local production makes us fast and agile. Short transport routes and the use of recyclable materials minimize the environmental impact.

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Origin: Made in Germany

Q&A: Any questions you may have

Is fixing material included?
Yes, a screw and a wall plug are included. If you lose them or need new ones, you can order them here.

How do I mount the rope wardrobe?
Drill a hole with a 10mm drill bit for the included multipurpose dowel. You can either drill into the ceiling or the wall. You can also tie it to a cross beam or some other sturdy fixed point.

How can the loops be adjusted?
The rope is actually a tube. Right where the loops are, there is a solid wire in the tube. The wire cannot be bent, but it can be pushed up and down inside the rope tube. Similar to the trick with the safety pin when threading in rubber bands when sewing.

What ceiling height is the wardrobe suitable for?
Thanks to height-adjustable loops it is suitable for any ceiling height between 2.4 m and 3.6 m. If the 2.4 meter long wardrobe is too short, there is a 1.2 meter long extension, which you can buy here.

How much weight can the hanging wardrobe carry?
Loop Rope withstands up to 20kg load. The actual weight-bearing capacity of the wardrobe depends also on the material of your ceiling. You don't need to worry about concrete or wood. If you have a suspended ceiling, it is best to ask a specialist.

How many and what kind of items can the hanging wardrobe carry?
Loop Rope can safely hold jackets, coats, cardigans, scarves, dresses, bags, hats, umbrellas, towels and any other everyday item you can think of. Consider that each individual loop can carry approximately up to 3 jackets/coats. So, the Loop Rope can safely hold a total of up to 12 jackets/coats.

Can the Loop Rope carry my child?
Well, if your child weighs less than 20 kg, yes, but we do not recommend it under any circumstances. Safety first!

Does the Loop Rope wardrobe stain?
In a nutshell: no! The Loop Rope is made of polypropylene rope and is therefore extremely UV-resistant, waterproof and sweat-proof. It does not stain or discolor, even when it gets wet. Even weather conditions have no influence on this type of rope. So your Loop Rope is absolutely safe - even outdoors.

  • "For me, the world's best wardrobe, so young and already a classic. It is wonderfully understated and yet elegant, sculptural."

    Zizzy Z.

  • "A product should serve its function well and with ease to its user. The details are crucial and will dictate whether it works simply and intuitively, or not at all."

    Hugo D.S.

  • "Beyond all expectations! great customer service, I plan to buy another one for the bathroom."

    Melissa R.

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  • Inspired by a Passion

    Our creator, Roman Luyken grew up sailing competitively. His experience in modifying his sheets (ropes) for his boat has inspired him to do the same for your home.

  • Socially Made, in Germany

    A social workshop near Stuttgart, Germany makes all our rope products by hand. The experience has been incredible, high quality, no stress and simply put, a lot of fun.

  • We are the Pepper Troopers

    You may have seen our names answering your emails. Roman loves designing products, Evgenia loves writing stories, and Fotini loves always keeping us on track. And we all enjoy our Tuesday morning team call!

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