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Note Roller

Note Roller

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Honey, I'm off. Get 5 lemons, 200 grams of broccoli, and 40 meters of list!

Okay, now seriously, have you ever been to the supermarket without your shopping list? Right? Oh, my God! All those things around staring and yelling at you, and you, feeling more lost than ever. And that can of tuna screaming at you to buy it, and you being like "Wait a minute tuna fish! I don't even know if I really need you right now. Please, somebody help me! (Ok, I just learned that buying tuna is an absolute environmental no-go. Thank you Seaspiracy!)

Back on our topic, the truth is we have to remember more things than we can stand. Τhat's why lists save our productivity and make us happy! To-do lists for work, daily tasks, shopping lists, notes for our partner or ourselves. We write down so many things! In notepads that are too small or too big or are misplaced,  in Excel files that are not available when you are offline, in little post-its that get crumpled, it can get pretty chaotic. Since most of us work in the home office, all these notes should be at the same place. For all those things that HAVE to be written by hand and must always be handy, the Note Roller is for you.

Elegant, compact and colourful (if you like), it adds style and maximum utility. Create very long lists (up to 40 m!!!) or many small lists - just cut the note with the tear-off edge when you're done and take it with you! Its design provides wrist support when writing, and you can add your pen (or Signature Perpetua Pencil) in the section provided.

P.S. Do any of you add unscheduled tasks to your to-do list only to have the pleasure of crossing them off? What, me? Oh no, I'm just checking…

  • Don’t forget to write a P.S.

See? :)


- Made of powder coated steel. When steel is recycled, the material needs less processing and fewer resources. What's more, its properties of strength and durability make it a long-lasting choice that does not need frequent replacement.
- Plastic free packaging


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 210x148x2mm300 g
Material: Steel Powdercoated
Origin: Planet Earth


- Makes 'endlessly' long lists possible (up to 40m)
- Tear-off edge to cut the paper
- Robust and long-lasting material
- Wrist support
- Portable
- Perfect gift for home office


Is there a paper roll included?
Yes! There's a roll of paper included.

What kind of paper do I need?
Note Roller can be used with a paper roll up to 76 mm wide and 40 meters long. If you run out of paper, you can order it from us, just send us a message!

Can I mount the note roller on the wall?
Kind of, you can hang it by the rubber band on its backside, but for writing on it is more suitable to be on a surface or held by your hands.

Is the Note Roller suitable for left-handed people?
Yes! You can flip the Note Roller over and attach the paper roll to the other side to reverse the wrist pad to the left side of the paper.


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