"practically perfect in every hanging way"

Do you sometimes come home in the evening and try to be quiet so as to not wake anyone? You hang up your jacket and the steel-on-steel jingling of your wardrobe begins. Then your jacket even slides from the hanger to the floor, so you're back where you started… (Even) if this (doesn't) sound familiar, Rope Hangers are made for you.

  • Anti-Slip

    They have a wide surface and a good grip thanks to their material, so your clothes won't slip - you don't want them to slip, right?

  • Noise Free

    Their textile cover makes them noiseless and they do not scratch the hanger bar - but if you insist on waking up your roommate you can still start singing.

  • Social Production

    The rope hangers are hand-made in a social workshop to promote equal opportunities.

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  • Made in Germany

    Local production makes us fast and agile. Short transport routes and the use of recyclable materials minimize the environmental impact.

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They are gentle on even the finest fabric and at the same time very stable and strong, thanks to their steel core.

Suddenly you won't even care if your closet is a mess. These playful hangers will make you love tidying up more than ever!

So, put on your favorite music and get to work! No more excuses...

Time to Accessorize!

Add clips to your hangers to hang skirts and trousers, or get a pack of cedar moth reppelent disks that pair perfectly with our rope products. Clips come in a pack of 6. Buying one pack will get you clips to equip 3 hangers.


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Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 410x10x180mm250 g
Material: Polypropylene / Steel / Aluminium
Origin: Made in Germany

Q&A: Any questions you may have

Don't the hangers get dirty quickly, since they are made of rope?

The material of our Rope Hangers (PP rope) is sweat and dirt resistant. In any case, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth, even the white ones.

Can I buy a mixed set of clothes hangers?

No, unfortunately, this gets too complicated in our warehouse.

Do the hangers bend?

Not during normal use, they have a very strong steel core. If the load is 7 kilos or less, you have nothing to worry about.

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