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Rope Hangers

Rope Hangers

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Designed to the Detail: Soft to the Touch / Anti-Slip / Noise Free / No scratching the Hanger Bar

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You’ve been out all day. Okay. Out is good.
What compares to the moment you finally get home? You open the door and the homey warmth embraces you. You’ll soon put your fluffy pajamas on and chill. But, first thing, you've got to take off your coat. You open the closet and...

"Hey dude, welcome back!"

It’s there. Waiting for you. Your coat hanger. The first to welcome you everyday.
Its soft texture feels so good. You smile. It winks. It will keep your coat safe till tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow again. That's the deal.You turn on the radio. It's the Beatles. “I wanna hold your coat”.

Perfect lies in your small choices.

  • Anti-Slip

    They have a wide surface and a good grip thanks to their material, so your clothes won't slip - you don't want them to slip, right?

  • Scratch + Noise Free

    Their textile cover makes them noiseless and they do not scratch the hanger bar - but if you insist on waking up your roommate you can still start singing.

  • Soft but Strong

    They are gentle on even the finest fabric and at the same time very stable and strong, thanks to their steel core.

  • Socially Made in Germany

    Local production makes us fast and agile. Short transport routes and the use of recyclable materials minimize the environmental impact.

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Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 410x10x180mm250 g
Material: Polypropylene / Steel / Aluminium
Origin: Made in Germany

Q&A: Any questions you may have

Don't the hangers get dirty quickly, since they are made of rope?

The material of our Rope Hangers (PP rope) is sweat and dirt resistant. In any case, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth, even the white ones.

Can I buy a mixed set of clothes hangers?

No, unfortunately, this gets too complicated in our warehouse.

Do the hangers bend?
Not during normal use, they have a very strong steel core. If the load is 7 kilos or less, you have nothing to worry about.

How big is the opening of the hook?
49 mm, but it is recommended not to use a clothes rail with a diameter of more than 4 cm, so that the hangers can still be hung and unhung easily.

Can the Hook turn?
No, the hook of the hanger is fixed and looks in the same direction as the hanger itself. You can use force to bend the hook once by 90°, but then you should leave it in that position and not bend it back again, otherwise the steel core will break after several times of bending.

  • "I am a repeat buyer, great workmanship and a beautiful design are the main reasons here."

    Sabrina S.

  • "I love the simple, sleek, understated design that makes every day life so much better with the attention to detail."

    Mark K.

  • "The look is elegant and progressive at the same time. The haptic experience is wonderful.""

    Katy K.

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