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Framekit Photo Frame

Framekit Photo Frame

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Mum, let me show you my new photo frame!

Your favorite wall in the house. Still empty. And your favorite Pulp Fiction Poster your friends got you for your 21st birthday (we won't ask how many years ago this was, it matters not.) You found it, that’s it! The perfect poster for the perfect wall. Mia Wallace, lying on the bed smoking, with a revolver and Pulp Fiction Book. Great! What can possibly go wrong?

It seems that you reckon without your host. Cause your mum had also the same idea, and printed for your ….th birthday, in A3… your cutest -just lost my front tooth but still- smiling wide photo. In which you're 6. And you have bangs. Yes, mum, it's beautiful and moving. But not the first thing I want my work buddies to see at our gathering...

We totally feel you. That's why we designed Framekit.  A 2-sided, acrylic picture frame for photos and posters that really deserve to be the center of attention and that you can also flip whenever you want. The photo frame consists of two acrylic plates, which are held together by four clips. It is available in two sizes (A3 and A4) and both can be used in landscape or portrait format. 

Frameless and without a passe-partout, it allows you to focus on the essential, namely the picture inside. With its lightness and minimalist design, the picture frame is timeless and fits in every room, from the office to the living room to the staircase. 

Tip: Framekit is also the perfect gift to a friend: Write a special wish on the back of your picture and place it in the frame; both the picture and the note are then visible :)


- The plates are made of acrylic which is recyclable. However, as it's not biodegradable, the process is not as easy as putting it in your recycle bin or taking it to a bottle bank.
- Excellent stability and durability. Acrylic is made from a strong polymer that gives it a long lifespan against exposure to the elements. Plus, it is rigid yet lightweight. It is a long-lasting and smart alternative to glass - much much safer too.
- Its simple and minimalist design makes it easy to fit any room and any new picture or print you want to place in it.
- It’s really light and will surely like to follow you whenever you move :)


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: A3 (297x420mm), A4 (210x297mm)
Material: Acrylic
Origin: Planet Earth


- Frameless and stable
- 2 sided
- Visually clear image
- Much safer than glass picture frame
- Great - birthday, wedding, housewarming - gift to a friend


Is the acrylic glass safe during shipping?
The acrylic glass is protected against scratches on both sides with a protective foil. This foil must be removed before placing the picture in your photo frame.

Can the frame also be set up on a table or a surface?
The Framekit is designed to be hung on the wall or to lean against it.

Is fixing material included?
No, hanging material is not included. Photo frame consists of two acrylic plates and four clips. For the mounting part, you’ll also need a string or/and some nails.


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