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ZigZag Soap Dish

ZigZag Soap Dish

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Definitely not a Soap Opera, a Soap Masterpiece!

It happens every time. I come home from the supermarket and I’m about to cook. But first, I go to the bathroom to wash my hands. I leave the soap on the sink.  It slips. It falls into the sink. I try to catch it. I put it on the soap dish. Now the whole soap dish slips and falls into the sink. Dish slips, soap slips, sink slips, water slips, my hands are slipping. I am slipping!....NO MORE SOAP OPERAS. NO MORE DRAMA. We’ve designed a soap dish to keep your soap, bathroom counter, sink, and life steady, neat, and clean.

It is made of powder-coated flat steel to give it a soft touch and rubber underneath to keep it from -what else?- slipping. The Zigzag Soap Dish is designed so as to enable water to drain away from your bar of soap to help it dry faster and keep it from collecting grime and bacteria. This is enabled by its groov-y structure and tilting surface. 

So, the time has come for you to replace the liquid soap with a soap bar and the one and forever eco-friendly zigzag soap dish and thus, protect the environment, your pocket, and your temper. Give your soaps and -why not?- small face sponges, a safe place to dry where they won't leave stains on your sink.


- 100% waste & plastic-free product
- Liquid soaps typically cost more and require five times the energy to produce and 20 times the energy for packaging (in plastic bottles). So, replacing them with a soap bar and the one and forever zigzag soap dish is good for the environment, good for your pocket choice :)
- Zigzag soap dish is made of powder-coated steel. Steel can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste. In fact, steel is one of the most recycled materials, according to The World Counts.


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 14mm90 g
Origin: Planet Earth


- Non Slip and Stable
- Water Drainage Design
- Easy to Clean with a damp cloth
- Rubber underneath to keep it from slipping
- Eco-friendly


How can I clean the zigzag soap dish? The Zigzag soap dish is made of powder-coated stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust and stains. Wipe it clean now and then, using a damp cloth or a sponge, you won’t need a detergent since soap is already on it ;)

Does the soap dish have a drainage system?
Yes, the zigzag soap dish is designed in such a way that it drains the excess water away. This is enabled by its groove structure and its tilting surface. Thus, the soap and the dish itself dry faster and do not collect grime and bacteria on them.

Is the soap dish water-resistant? Can water discolor it?
Yes, the soap dish is made of powder-coated steel and is waterproof and water-resistant. So, you don't need to worry, it won't lose its vibrant color as it’s made for exactly this use!


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