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TV Stand

TV Stand

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TV Stand? Dude, I don’t even own a TV.

Okay, first things first! To need a TV set, you gotta own a TV. Or at least plan to buy one...Just wanted to make it clear: YOU GOTTA OWN A TV. 

So? Do you have one? Good. Where to put it now? That is the question. 

Hmm, maybe on this wooden desk there? No, that’s my coffee table. I need this. 

So, maybe… No, not there. It’ s in the middle of the room. 

Ok, I will mount it on the wall. 

NOOO, this is a huge commitment. Are you nuts?? 

Minimalist soul with a strict landlord…? We’ve been there! That’s why we designed the TV STAND.

We believe that TV shouldn't be the center of attention in a living room or bedroom, or any room. Nor should the decor of a room serve this purpose. That's why we prefer simple, discreet and minimal lines when it comes to TV furniture. 

Made of powder coated stainless steel, the TV Stand comes at the perfect height for watching tv comfortably. Space-saving and sturdy. Not only functional, but with a modern minimal touch. Also, you can transfer it very easily to any room or new home you move in. Or just be flexible to redecorate your current home as many times as you like. So, stand by! TV Stand will stand by you on a night (or two) of Netflix binge-watching with your loved ones - and your loved popcorn ones.

 P.S. Whoever stays till the end we will nominate the best series marathon ever. Oh, this is the end? Ok guys, maybe another time.. Cause nowww it’s tiiiime to unwrap your TV. It finally has a home :)


- Saves a lot of space in your home compared to traditional tv stand cabinets.
- Minimalist design that will fit any place you move in without having to replace it every time. This is also enabled by the durability of its material (powdercoated stainless steel) and the ease of package and transport, as it can be shipped by courier or your car.
- Made of powder coated stainless steel. Powder coating is significantly more environmentally friendly than solvent-based coating methods such as wet paint and spray painting.
- Zero waste and plastic free product
Plastic free packaging


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 1160x965x280mm22 kg
Material: Steel Powdercoated / Stainless Steel
Origin: Planet Earth


- Suitable for any TV from 43 (same size as the stand) to 65 inches
- Easy mount without the need to drill holes in the wall
- Effective cable management
- Perfect height for tv viewing
- Easy to move


Which TV size range is TV Stand suitable for?
The TV Stand is suitable for any TV from 43 (same size as the stand) to 65 inches.

How can I mount my TV on the TV Stand?
You’ll need 4 screws for the body and another 4 for the TV. It works with VESA mounts on a 20, 40 and 60x40cm basis.

Does my TV support VESA mount? How can I find out?
Most TVs do. But you can also check your TV manual to make sure.

Does it stand upright or tilted?
You can set it to stand either upright or tilted. You can adjust it as you screw the little foot down. But the way you set it up is the way it stays. If you want to change it, you’ll have to unscrew it and screw it differently.

Is there a port for effective cable management?
Yes, as you can see in the photos, on the tv stand there are 2 holes, so that you can pass the cables from the front to the back side and another one down to the floor.

..And if you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message :)


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