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The Grid

The Grid

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Ouch… No more!

Your toes curl and muscles contract. You lower the eyebrows, squeeze the eyes, wrinkle the nose, lift the upper lip and open your mouth.


You realize it’s happening. Again. You were walking carefree and barefoot in your living room. Just finished work and were making plans for a peaceful family movie night. Everything felt so nice and quiet that Wednesday afternoon. What could go wrong? And then, the moment you let down all your defenses, it attacks you, pearcing into your foot from underneath. You cute tiny yellow LEGO brick.... don’t mess with us. You’re getting a new home….

THE GRID. You can store almost everything here! Best of all, thanks to its modular design and handy handles, you can remove the box from its grid and carry it to the place you need it to be. Like your sewing kit, tools to fix an unexpected damage, painting brushes and acrylic set, architecture magazines, colorful socks, jazz records collection, your reusable grocery bags or your favorite board games!

This designer storage tote is very durable, multi-purpose and loves -what else?- moving! You can have it as a single piece with an open top or with its plate. You can also stack multiple together with one plate! Your choice. Just take it, store it, stack it, GO! more excuses for not putting legos back in their box after the game is over :)


- This Eurobox is made of plastic and is very durable as it is adapted to temperature stability, load-bearing capacity, impact resistance and many other properties based on its intended purpose. This guarantees its high quality and longevity.
They are euronorm, so any warehouse would be happy to have these bad boys made by Auer, the eurobox industry leader. Thanks to their standardized sizes, they can be stacked, loaded and stored in the best possible way. They will fit perfectly in a truck or on a storage rack in Munich, Lyon or Athens. The system is exactly based on the Euro pallet, whose standard space serves as a basis for the dimensions of the Euro containers.
- You won’t have to throw them away soon as these storage boxes can always be used and reused and find new purposes later in life.
- Great for moving thanks to their handy handles, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Plus, they can carry whatever content you want to your new residence.
- The Grid and the included Eurobox don’t have to travel far to arrive at your home, office or warehouse, as they are made in Germany. That helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint.
- Made of powder coated strong and durable steel, the Grid is designed to stand the test of time.
The energy needed to produce steel has dropped by 60% since 1960. When steel is recycled, the material needs less processing and fewer resources.


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: | 
Material: Steel Powdercoated
Origin: Planet Earth


- Modular
- Great for moving
- Stackable
- Robust yet light
- Heavy duty
- Space-saving


Are the gray boxes included?
Yes, of course, you buy the grid together with the gray box it includes, as you can see in the photos.

Can I purchase just the grid without the gray box?
If you’ d like to purchase just the grid, please contact us!

Are the boxes inside standard?
Yes, they are 40x30cm Euroboxes, but the system is compatible with any box, so you could also use your own. Just be mindful of the max height per inner box as they come in different heights!

How much weight can it stand?
Each storage container can withstand approximately up to 10 kg.

What can I store here?
This storage box is the ideal storage kit for any room, be it for mountains of toys in the kids room, records, books or magazines in the living room, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils, blankets in the bedroom or your winter clothes in the summer. You can also store heavier items - such as supplies or gardening tools in the storage room or garage. Euro containers are always ready for use in a hygienically flawless state. Therefore, they are also perfectly suitable for dishes.

Will it keep its contents safe?
This plastic bin is the ideal box for storage, as it better protects your belongings from moisture, heat, and anything else that might be trying to get inside.

Can I place it outdoors?
The Grid is made of powder coated stainless steel which is durable and resistant to moisture and corrosion. However, it is mainly designed for internal use, as it can’t protect its interior from rain.

Can I carry it easily?
You can easily move it from room to room and from home to office thanks to the two gaps on its small sides that serve as handles.

Can it be used standing up or it will fall?
It is designed to be used as a rectangular box that lays vertically on the floor, but you can also use it standing up if that suits you better.

How can I clean it?
The storage box can be easily cleaned in dishwashers.

How high can they be stacked?
I would say up to 4 layers against a wall - go higher than that and they should be fixed to the wall for your own safety and theirs.

Can I get the Boxes in different colors?
Ιf you want to buy 1000 boxes or more, you can choose a custom color. Feel free to send us a message and we’ll discuss it on an individual basis :)


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