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Ratchet Rails

Ratchet Rails

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Ratchet rails. Never fails.

Could you ever imagine that your curtain rod could fit in your backpack? And not only that... But along with its brackets?

Not a joke. 

Ok, we all know how important curtains and curtain rails are. We are all looking for a bright, sunny apartment... until the moment we are working at our desk and the sun's rays hit our eyes mercilessly. That’s when we realize we have to find them. The perfect curtain rail and brackets for the wall. Wooden? Too heavy! And what happens when I move? I want to have freedom, to invest in my home and take it with me - and not have my back -and pocket- hurt each time I move!

That’s the idea behind the ultra mobile curtain rails with a ratchet strap; The Ratchet Rails for Curtains -global novelty! And of course, their minimalist industrial-utility design that fits every modern apartment.

How they work? 

The ratchet curtain rods are based on a ratchet system. What you have to do is tighten the strap using the internal mechanism. The extreme tension between the two brackets (rings or spreaders) will make it stable and strong without any unwanted horizontal or vertical oscillations.

So, let your curtains be held by an eternal tug of war…..Pretty cool, huh?


- The ratchet rail is designed to assemble and disassemble easily. And it also packs in a small and compact package that can be shipped by courier or car. So, no worries. You can take it...over the sea and far away. They won't take up much space and certainly not as much as a classic curtain rod :)


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: | 
Material: Steel, Powdercoated
Origin: Planet Earth


- Mobile (it works without a fixed curtain rod)
- Adjustable straps depending on the length of the curtain
- The ratchet mechanism makes it very stable and strong
- Easy installation


How can I mount it? Is fixing material included?
The ratchet rails are very easy to install. You’ll only need to drill 2 holes in the wall for each ring/spreader and mount them with the screws that are provided (4 screws in total). As simple as that!

How do they work? Will they be stable?
The ratchet curtain rods are based on a ratchet mechanism. What you have to do is tighten the strap, so that it doesn’t go back and forth. The mechanism is based on a gear wheel and a pawl that follows as the wheel turns. The pawl is then jammed against the depression between the gear teeth, preventing any backwards motion.. If it loosens up, then you can just pull it back on and it’ll be super stable and strong again! If you are not familiar with the ratchet strap mechanism, you can always follow the instructions in this link: How To Use A Ratchet Strap

How much weight can it withstand?
The strap curtain rail is very strong. You can count on it to hold the weight of any curtain you like. It can withstand approximately up to 10 kg.

What kind of curtains can I apply?
Ratchet Rails work with any kind of curtains.


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