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Paper Roller

Paper Roller

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Whether you are a detective gathering evidence on your latest case, a genius scientist working on your new theory, an architect planning your big project, a chef preparing the “today’s specials”, an inspired artist, or just you, working from your home office... YOU GOTTA ROLL!

Paper Roller can be installed in the (home) office, in business, in a restaurant, or at home. A wall mounted paper holder for brainstorming, meeting notes - or love notes -, an important reminder, a to-do list, the meal of the day, or for the kids to paint - instead of painting on your walls. And without something standing in the middle of the room taking up space like a traditional flipchart. The bracket is made of powder coated steel and is thus stable and very durable, while recycled kraft paper is a strong and sustainable choice.

Visualizing your ideas in the classic analog way will boost your productivity and creativity as well as give your room an individual style! Screws included for fun and easy wall mounting.

Organize, yes. But in an eco-friendly way ;)


- Way less material used than on traditional flipchart
- Uses less paper than a regular flipchart
- Very efficient in transport
- Made of Recyclable Materials : i) Recycled paper is the greenest option, as paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times. ii) The frame is made of steel which can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste.
100% waste & plastic-free product
- Plastic free packaging


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 750x70x40mm
Material: Steel Powdercoated / Recycled Kraft Paper
Origin: Planet Earth


- Wall-Mounted
- Space-Saving
- Eco-Friendly
- Stable frame made by powder coated steel
- Durable frame and paper
- Fun and easy mounting


Is a roll of kraft paper included in the delivery?
Yes, one roll is included, but if you need a new one, you can buy it here :).

Which kraft paper roll fits?
The kraft paper roll can be up to 70 cm wide. The maximum diameter of the roll is 9 cm, larger rolls will not work with Paper Roller. Our rolls are 50 meters long.

Can I write on the paper roll with any pen or pencil?
Yes - Just keep in mind that pointed pencils or pens can go through the paper. Also, inks and permanent markers may seep through and mark the surface behind.

Can the wall-mounted paper Roller be mounted outdoors?
Although the bracket is made of powder coated steel and is thus rust resistant, the paper roll holder is designed for interior use, as the paper can get wet.


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