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Paper Tray

Paper Tray

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Won’t be-tray you!

Who am I? Well, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m the Paper Tray :) In a nutshell. My favorite plant is Peppermint, my favorite hobby is tidying up and my favorite art movement is minimalism! I also have 3 favorite colors -sorry but can't really choose between them- it’s coral red, ocean green and chalk white. And I’ve got a little brother too, Toolbox. Love him, he’s so cute!

What I do? Now that you work from home, not only private correspondence is on the table, but also customer invoices, meeting notes, and other work documents and files. So, I help you sort out all your work documents in an optimal way! I love order and organization, thus, I enjoy my job to the fullest. I am loyal and dedicated to it. And to you of course!   

How do I succeed? As you can see in my photos (Yeah, forgot to say how much I looove photoshooting), I am smartly designed with 3 different compartments in different sizes, So, there is the smaller top level for sticky notes, pens, calculators etc. And then, there are 2 large trays. The middle tray is for files that need to be edited and work that has to be done and the lower one is for all completed tasks and docs ready for filing away. (My favorite part!) Each one of them is slightly smaller than A4, to make it easier for you to grab your files!

My levels have a geometric, minimalist design, are stable and robust, and can be easily assembled in 10 seconds without additional tools. So, if you trust me I’ll help you keep your desk stylish and tidy! Promise I won’t betray you :)


- I help you keep things organized, which is a huge time saver and can free up more time for great activities for you and your loved ones :)
- I am made of Powder coated Steel which makes me strong and durable, so you won’t have to replace me soon. If it's ever needed though, I can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste, so you don’t need to worry about the planet!
- 100% waste & plastic-free product & packaging


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: | 
Material: Steel Powdercoated
Origin: Planet Earth


- Stable & sturdy
- Quick and easy 10’’(second) assembly with no tools needed
- Eco friendly and long-lasting material
- Great (home) office gift idea


Is Paper Tray stackable?
No, due to its geometric design Paper Tray cannot be stacked. But if you are interested in a stackable version, please let us know - we are considering designing one!

Can I have more paper trays on top of each other?
In this version, no. But if you’d be interested in more trays as 3 are not enough for you, please send us a message, as we are considering designing an expansion of 2 more trays. So, we’ll need your feedback on this :)

Why are the trays slightly smaller than A4?
Very simple, so that it is easy to grab A4 sheets from within the tray - without scratching your nails!

Can I have a multicolored paper tray?
You can't buy our paper organizer as multicolored per se, but if you buy two or more letter trays in different colors, then you can mix and match the individual parts to create the color combinations you desire most!


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