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5 Steps to Summer Closet Detox

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and the sun is shining more! This calls for the light summer outfits to resurface and for the heavy knits to be hidden in the back of our closets. But before we take the summer clothes out and hide the winter stuff away, shouldn’t we first clear our closet out of anything unnecessary?

Here are 5 easy-peasy steps to closet detox by yours truly!

1. Condition Check

I know, you HAVE to keep that band T-shirt from your first concert ever, even though it has so many holes in it it's pretty much see-through. I know, I've been there. But apart from these few exceptions, all other garments should be intact. So if you can fix them, do so, if the damage is irreparable, wish those garments well.

* Tip: Be sure to store your clothes right to remain intact. When hanging your knit dress for example, use a thick hanger that keeps it in shape and doesn’t pull threads, like our Rope Hangers - they have proved to be ideal!

2. Fit Check

Some of us sometimes buy or keep clothes in smaller sizes that MIGHT fit very soon. Well, if you are like me, you probably ended up not wearing that one piece at all, because, well, it's not the right size! This is the perfect opportunity to free some space in your closet and also bring someone joy by gifting them an intact piece of clothing that is their size.

3. The Past-Year Rule

Some clothes seem like a great idea when we see them perfectly styled in a beautiful boutique. Then we bring them home and can’t combine them with anything we own. Also, we all have clothes in our closets that we forget even existed. There is one simple rule of thumb: if you didn’t wear it for a year now, it’s time to let go. Chances are, you won’t be wearing it anymore and might even feel guilty about it (this of course doesn’t apply to clothes for special occasions).

4. Organise

Organise and arrange your clothes according to the occasion. The reason for this is practical: it makes it easier to pick out an outfit according to the occasion. Wedding? Dressy garments are hanging on the far left of the rack. Gym clothes? First drawer. Pyjamas? Hanging on a Rope Hook. It also gives you a better overview of your wardrobe. So next time you go shopping, you will know that there are ENOUGH grey perfect-for-the-office cardigans hanging in your closet.

5. Buy consciously

Prevent the problem of having too many clothes and nothing to wear, by asking yourself 3 simple questions every time you go shopping:

- Does it fit me NOW?
- Is it a short-lived trend or rather a wardrobe staple?
- Can it be combined in more than 3 different ways?

* Tip: Keep these in the notes of your phone to always have them handy.

Cleaning out your closet gives you a better overview of your clothes and can help minimize impulsive shopping. Believe me, this can be a huge mood-changer! 

Aaaand your turn now: how have you been organising or clearing out your closet? Share your tips with us in the comments below : )

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