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  • S-Haken Design aus Seil in Sand
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  • Rope hooks made in Germany Peppermint products
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    Set of 5 | One Hook, many faces…

    Simple, functional, and absolutely versatile, the Rope Hooks love to keep everything in order. Hang your belongings anywhere you want, anytime you want.

    The Rope Hooks are the ultimate multitaskers. In your home, your bag, or your car; Keep one with you to hang your bag at the restaurant. Place a couple in the bathroom to hang your towels. Always have one in the car to hang your sunglasses. Or your groceries in the back seats. Or that wet bathing suit to dry on the drive home after a day at the beach! Hang your scarf and your hat, your pot, and your oven glove, your belt, your purse…or your guest’s winter jacket. You can even take one with you to hold on to on the bus - those babies hold a lot of weight!

    They are beautiful and multi-talented. You won’t need any other hooks, EVER! (although you might need more of these ;)


    - Hand-made in a social workshop for people with disabilities under fair and safe conditions.
    - Short transport routes and local production guarantee flexibility and high quality, as well as optimize the hell out of the carbon footprint.
    - Using S Hooks = Saving storage space = more living space + lower rent for you!
    - Made of recyclable materials (PP rope, steel, aluminum)... you know, just in case your grandchildren don't like your style.


    Designer: Roman Luyken
    Dimensions: 60x10x120mm
    Material: Polypropylene / Steel / Aluminium
    Origin: Planet Earth


    - Holds up to 17 kilos
    - Strong and durable
    - Multi-purpose
    - Water and stain resistant
    - Handmade in social workshops

    Volume Discount


    Contact us if you are a business client, especially if you are a concept store, retailer, fashion boutique or hotel, we are always happy to hear about new partnerships.


    Do the Rope Hooks stain?
    In short: no! The hooks are made of polypropylene rope and will not stain, even if they get wet. Even weather conditions have no influence on this type of rope. So your Rope Hooks and whatever you hang on them are safe outdoors too.

    Are they water resistant?
    Yes. The caps made of aluminium do not corrode. Polypropylene does not absorb water and does not shrink. The steel core could deposit rust if the hook is placed in water for a long time, but this does not affect its appearance or strength.

    Do the Rope Hooks bend?
    Not during normal use. If the load is 17 kilos or less, you have nothing to worry about.

    How durable is the rope?
    The Rope Hooks are made of polypropylene, a material that is tear-resistant and abrasion-proof. PP rope is very durable under heavy use and shows no fibre or colour abrasion, even under heavy friction. Therefore your Rope Hooks are durable and very hard wearing.

    Is it possible to order a mixed set of 5 Rope Hooks in different colours?
    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment! Sadly this would get too complicated in our warehouse.

    What kind of items can the Rope Hooks carry?
    The Rope Hooks can safely hold clothes, such as jackets, coats, cardigans, scarves, dresses, as well as towels, sponges, purses, bags, keys, hats, umbrellas, cables, lamps, belts, sunglasses, jewellery, plants and any other everyday item you can think of. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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