Our Goals for 2021

Our Goals for 2021


Setting goals is important and sharing them with friends is part of it, first because we want to let you know what we're up to and second because it helps us meet those goals. So, let's go:


‘Working on our relationship’


We want to build a closer relationship with you. We see Peppermint as a brand that enriches your life by creating beautiful home accessories for you and in return you support our brand so that it can grow. In a nutshell, the customer-brand relationship is a partnership. Every good partnership requires good, open communication, and that is exactly what we want to work from now on. Your opinion is important to us, and combined with our expertise, we can achieve something great together.


Create an experience


We are working to bring a new product to market that is more of an experience rather than a physical item. We think that it is becoming more and more difficult for a conceptual brand like ours to make our products tangible. Middlemen are also involved, they stand between you and us and make it difficult for us to achieve goal number 1. That's why we have an alternative option in mind that allows you to experience our brand and enter into a direct dialogue with Peppermint.


Expand our portfolio


New products are also on the agenda. This time around, we're exploring what we can improve in the home furniture sector - pieces of furniture designed for small spaces and easy moving - let us know if that's something you are into! A couple of new home office products in the home accessories sector are of course also included.


If you are interested in how we set our goals at Peppermint - we have a short article on setting goals in 2021 here.


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Das sind sehr gute Ziele! Ich bin gespannt auf das Peppermint-Erlebnis.


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