How Sustainable is Steel?

How Sustainable is Steel?

By now, we should all be fully aware that Global Warming is a serious threat to our planet. Acting in an environmentally friendly manner is a mindset. One might say, “what difference can I make when the corporations are big and bad?” I say every detail counts - because leading by example in showing the path to an eco-friendly future,  propagates into social pressure, which leads to a positive impact at both  micro and macro scale. Opting for eco interior design is part of the deal. 

That being said, one way of making our world a little greener, is by choosing sustainable materials for our homes and home offices. This way we can help the planet while we create beautiful interiors according to the latest decor trends! There are many options out there, but one sustainable material we really love has been “steel-ing” the show. You guessed that right, it is steel. Here’s why: 

It has an infinite life cycle

Steel can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste. The interesting part is that it won’t lose its quality even if it will be recycled an infinite number of times. In fact, steel is one of the most recycled materials, according to The World Counts.

It needs less and less energy

The energy needed to produce steel has dropped by 60% since 1960. When steel is recycled, the material needs less processing and fewer resources. What's more, its properties of strength and durability make it a long-lasting choice that does not need frequent replacement. 

It never goes out of style

Steel has been on the list of trending decorating choices for many years. If you are up to making a statement, steel leads the way as it fits in so many spaces and adds sophistication as well.

Are you starting to realize why steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials? 😉

It’s in our philosophy to make sustainable choices by designing simple, long-lasting products for your home and treating nature with respect. See Peppermint's steel products here.

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