minimumMAXIMUS The Peppermint Design Philosophy

minimumMAXIMUS The Peppermint Design Philosophy

minimumMAXIMUS Design Philosophie Roman Luyken

The minimumMAXIMUS philosophy rests on 5 pillars. Quoting Dieter Rams, we agree that a product should be functional, aesthetic, innovative and sustainable. But, we feel that one vital ingredient is missing. By adding EMOTION to the equation, we make the product human. That is where we find the MAXIMUS!



A product should serve its function well and with ease to its user. The details are crucial to any product and will dictate whether it works simply and intuitively, or not at all.

Form und Funktion


Aesthetics are key to a cultivated lifestyle. The products we live with are an integral part of ourselves. We believe that beautifully designed products will make you proud and happy.



Without innovation there is no development, no looking forward, no outlook. Quite depressing actually. This is why finding innovation is our top priority. Even if it is small and incremental, without it, we would be doomed.

Innovation im Design


A sustainable product needs to be simple and long lasting. A sustainable business needs to treat its partners and nature with respect. This is the only way we can really build something for our future.Nachhaltigkeit und Faires Soziale


In our opinion, emotion is the highest intelligence, an intelligence that most often is proved to be right, although we can’t always understand why. We trust our gut, and we like to let emotion guide us.

Emotion und Passion im Design


We want to leave the earth a better place than we found it. Freedom is the worlds greatest luxury, the liberty to act and think as you please. The pursuit of this independence is what drove Roman Luyken to create Peppermint with Nina Nikolaus. This is a place where spontaneity is a virtue, so creative ideas can flourish.


By treating our environment with respect. By building a healthy ecosystem with our partners and friends, making sure everyone is treated fair. We source our materials locally and work closely with workshops for disabled people. We keep a close eye on quality, to produce long lasting products with minimal environmental impact.


Peppermint Products is a creators initiative for 21st. century product design. We design and create home products using minimal resources. While mobility, longevity and function are key, EMOTION is what we are all about. We make ugly products beautiful, solving common functions with elegant simplicity. We make what we need!

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