• Wandhaken aus Stahl in schwarz
  • vielseitige Hängegarderobe aus Stahl in blau
  • Minimalistischer Wandgarderobe Design
  • Minimalist wardrobe Peppermint products
  • Coat hanger made from steel by Peppermint products
  • Minimalistische Wandgarderobe aus Stahl in schwarz
  • Design hanging wardrobe Peppermint products
  • Hanging wardrobe made from steel
  • Wandgarderobe aus Stahl in weiß
  • Wandhaken aus Stahl in schwarz
  • Coat hanger in blue by Peppermint products
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    Κανονική τιμή
    €75,00 EUR
    Κανονική τιμή
    Τιμή έκπτωσης
    €75,00 EUR
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    This rack will have your back.

    Unexpected guests and your closet exploded everywhere? We have been there! Don’t worry. Just grab your clothes and throw them on the wall coat rack. The guests can come now. This rack…. has your back!

    The alternative to a classic hanging wardrobe, ZigZag makes a good entrance impression to guests but is also very practical for the rest of the home. Mounted on the wall, it is ideal for the hallway, bedroom, dressing room, corridors or even the office,  and will hold on to any hat, bag, scarf, jacket, or other garments. It can also be used in the bathroom or kitchen for towels - and tea towels!

    The powder coating makes it both high-quality and robust, while it is also suitable and safe for a home with children or pets, thanks to its particularly stable stand. Be sure that whatever you hang on it will actually stay there and won’t slide back off again and get in your way…or your dog’s way. Yes. Even if you mount it on the door! Minimalist and space-saving, the zigzag gives you storage space without taking up any space ;)

    Plus points: it looks more like a work of art than a hook bar and you can even use it as a wine rack - jackpot!


    - The wall rack saves a lot more storage space compared to a traditional wardrobe.
    - Made of powder coated steel, a durable material that makes it a long-lasting choice.
    - You can take it with you anywhere you move a lot easier than another type of conventional wardrobe.

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    Σχεδιαστής: Roman Luyken
    Διαστάσεις: 380x47x101mm |
    Υλικό: Steel Powdercoated
    Προέλευση: Πλανήτης Γη


    - Good grip
    - Non Slip
    - Space-saving
    - Stable and safe for home with kids and pets
    - Super easy mounting

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    Is fixing material included?
    A screw and a wall plug are included. If you have lost them or need new ones, you can order them again through our website.

    How much weight can the wardrobe carry?
    The ZigZag wall rack can withstand up to 15 kg load.


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