Peppermint, for your 10th birthday we got you… your story!

Peppermint, for your 10th birthday we got you… your story!

The 10 + 1 major stops. 


April 1, 2012. Yet not a joke.

May I introduce to you Roman and Nina from Peppermint Products. They had been friends since their teenage years. Both were crazy about design, so they had this mad product idea → A flat packed cardboard chair → BUT for this they needed a digital plotter → AND for this they needed an income → SO, for this they needed a company →

SO, they made one! AND SO, IT BEGINS… 



2013. And here's to you, Dr. Chairman.

    Aaaand for the next year they worked. And then, they worked again. And eventually, they worked A LOT. And managed to launch their first collection, named “Cardboard Products” which consisted of... cardboard products! And it gets better. The “leader” of this collection is chosen to be displayed in the “Pinakothek der Moderne'', in Munich. So, he suits up and NAILS it! 

     Thuuumbs up, Dr. Chairman!



     2014. “The most self-confident plug I've ever met"…

    … said Mirko Borsche, the creative Director of ZEIT magazine, in his article about our newly launched Plug 3 Powerstrip. And the yellow powerstrip saw its picture for the very first time on a magazine page. Holy! Sheet! And not just a magazine. ZEIT magazine. 

     And realized how pretty it really was and became even more confident. And sooo grateful!

    And lived happily ever after… 



    2015.  Peppermint meets Rosenthal. (Woohoo)

    April 10. Still cold in Germany but spring is coming. For sure. How? The porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal presents our new collection "made of concrete", in the special edition "ROSENTHAL meets PEPPERMINT PRODUCTS". Great exhibition, great people, great honor, what a lovely spring! 



    2016. Doing good.

    We'd already been partnering with a social workshop near Stuttgart for 2 years, but the time had come to make another dream come true! To build a dedicated Peppermint Workshop with its own Peppermint Troopers..A team of people that create our rope products one by one and hand by hand all these years. We are so proud to work with Wilfried, Michael and their gang, and we are sure they are proud too.


    2017. Daaamn close to the Oscars.

    Don’t mean to brag, but 2017 was totally an award-winning one. Here we GO:

    * German Design Award for Plug 3/6 design*.  Lucky to have an extract from its speech: “I want to thank all the electrical appliances that trusted me on this challenging task.” 

    *Lava Newcomer Award Austria for Loop Rope*. We quote a touching extract too: “So many thanks to my father Roman, my little brothers and sisters, the rope hangers, and all my coat friends out there”.

    *And there is MORE. MoMA NY *yes MoMA NY* chose our  loop rope and concrete bowls for the MoMA Design Store collection. Hooray!* 


    Early 2018. “The Terrorist Home” (you didn't see that coming, huh?)

    And as Peppermint continued to grow, it found itself at its most defining moment. Peppermint needed more manpower, but was not yet ready to employ extra hands. So, all it took for Roman was: a ONE-WAY airline ticket, an empty apartment in the center of Athens (so empty we called it “the terrorist home”), an internet detox, some favorite songs on his teenage iPod, work mode ON and 6 peaceful months in his first dedicated design office, to create the new super home office collection!

    And he did it. For GOOD!


    2019. Plastic free.

    Last year we took care of ourselves. Now it is time to take care of our planet. Long story short, this is the moment we remove all the plastic from our packaging. And we’re so happy about that!


    2020. Hello Covid. I want to GETAWAY.

      And life was nice and quiet when... Hello Covid my new friend! First lockdown is here. Sure thing is we found the BEST place to spend it! Milos, a Greek island in blue and white. We loved it so much that the idea of ‘Peppermint Getaway’ was born; And launched! Living and working in beautiful places where peppermint products were born and live. Peppermintation - your best workation!


      2021. On the Wall. At last.

      On November 26, we finally launch our second brand new collection for 2021! And we are soooo excited about Peppermint On the Wall. Large-scale paintings that adapt in any size to fit any wall and also shrink to a package for your next move! Cool, right?


      2022. The Furniture Land.

      But in the end…what can be more exciting than sleeping in your own own bed and designing on your own desk? So, recently we set off on our new mission! Create our own furniture that doesn't restrict our freedom. Designed for the move, it can be easily transferred through post or even inside our car, so that we can always take it with us in our new adventures to come. Such fun!

      April 1, 2022. Hey! Where is the rest of this story?

      That's all, folks. To this day, of course. We’re writing the rest of the story now. It's good to have you here to share it. Cause this is not about us. This is all about you. So, STAY TUNED!

       *Ok, I’m leaving now, I think I’ll need some Tissue Box support…* 🥲

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