• 3-fach design Mehrfachstecker aus Stahl farbig gelb
  • Desing  powerstrip made of stell | Peppermint products
  • 3-fach design Mehrfachstecker hochwertig aus Stahl weiß | Peppermint products
  • Mehrfachsteckdose Peppermint products
  • Multiple power strip made of steel | Peppermint products
  • Multiple socket with minimal design | Peppermint products
  • Design multiple socket in colors | Peppermint products
  • Power strip with minimal design | Peppermint products
  • Power strip for the wall with 3 sockets | Peppermint products
  • 3-fach design Mehrfachstecker hochwertig aus Stahl farbig gelb
  • 3-fach design Mehrfachstecker aus Stahl farbig gelb
  • 3-fach design Mehrfachstecker aus Stahl farbig Peppermint products
  • Desing powerstrip made of steel by Peppermint products
  • Power strip made of steel Peppermint products
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    Life is all about good friends, games, wine, and powerstrips.

    Working late at your home office. You’ve invited some friends over for wine and board games. You’re checking your watch. Oh! When did the time pass? They'll be here in a minute. Now all you have to do is get dressed, tidy up all the work stuff aaand…hide all these ugly powerstrips so no one falls in!

    Time has come for home (and) office organization. Every household needs multi-plugs. We have more gadgets and electrical appliances than sockets, so almost every room needs more than one power strip. They are present everywhere and at all times, so wouldn't it be great if they actually looked beautiful, more like a design object than a classic multiple socket? We thought so, so we designed Plug-3! A beautiful power strip with great design and colors!

    You won’t have to keep your powerstrip hidden anymore. You’ll want to show it off instead! Just mount it on the wall in the living room or place it on the desk in the home office. Due to the robust metal housing and the rubber feet, the multi-plug has a high own weight. The finely textured powder coating gives the plug-3 an excellent minimalist design but also makes it insulating and scratch-resistant. 

    A high-quality multiple socket for your home, your office, or your home office. Leave it on your desk, put it on the wall, give it a hug. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

    *To get the most out of it, check out its extension accessory Plug - 2 USB ADAPTER with 2 USB Ports, so that you can charge 2 devices simultaneously fast and efficiently!


    - Plastic free packaging
    - Waste free product
    - The housing is made of powder-coated steel. Steel can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste. In fact, steel is one of the most recycled materials, according to The World Counts...
    - The strength and durability properties of its material make this product a long-lasting choice that doesn’t need frequent replacement in contrast to the conventional ones that often break down.


    Designer: Roman Luyken
    Dimensions: 170x60x43mm
    Material: Steel Powdercoated / PVC
    Origin: Planet Earth


    - Robust Metal Housing
    - Rubber high grip feet
    - Wall-Mountable
    - Integrated child protection
    - German Design Award 2017
    - Great gift for a man

    Volume Discount


    Contact us if you are a business client, especially if you are a concept store, retailer, fashion boutique or hotel, we are always happy to hear about new partnerships.


    How long is the cable of the Plug-3 Powerstrip?
    The cable is 1.5 meters long.

    Can I order the power socket with a different cable length?
    Sadly not, the authorities only allow verified configurations of multiple sockets.

    Does the power strip have child protection?
    Yes - in the beginning, the child lock is a little bit stiff, but after a short, while the plugs go in and out easily.

    Does the power strip have surge protection?
    No, we will leave that to the technical department of your home.

    Is the multi plug also available with textile cable?
    No, we think that the textile cable clashes with the fine structure of the housing - combined, the plug would lose its elegance.

    Can I order a plug in a special color?
    Yes, that is possible, but only for larger order quantities. We often supply business customers with custom-made products.

    Can I mount it on the wall? Is mounting material included?
    Yes, it features holes so that you can easily mount it against any wall. No, screws or other mounting material are not included.

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