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    Could you pass me the tissues, please?

    One may cry for many reasons. You may cry because you just got divorced, or you just got promoted at work (thumbs up by the way!), or because someone ate your last chocolate bar (Oh nooo, man! It was YOUR chocolate bar). Out of anger, excitement, or joy. In the end, it's not about why you're crying, it's about having someone special to share it with! Someone strong. And beautiful. And not plastic at all. Someone classy. 

    That’s why we’ve designed the Peppermint Tissue Box. It will be there for you not only when you’re whining, but also when you’ve got a cold, when morning coffee has been spilled on your laptop or when you desperately need to take off your makeup and you've just run out of remover wipes. And so so many other times.

    Towel or cosmetic disposable tissue boxes are usually not exceptionally beautiful. The Tissue Box is the tissue dispenser that makes each box of towels a stylish statement. Made of steel, it adds a modern touch and makes your desk look tidy. Also perfect for end tables, night stands, countertops, vanities, and desks throughout your home; Use it in the kitchen, dining table, living room, family room, bathroom, office, craft room, bedrooms, or in a restaurant. Its design and material make it exceptionally stable - so it stays in place when you pull out a tissue.

    Or two! :)


    - Made of Powder coated Steel which can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste.
    - 100% waste & plastic-free product
    Plastic free packaging


    Designer: Roman Luyken
    Dimensions: 231x116x64mm
    Material: Steel Powdercoated
    Origin: Planet Earth


    - Easy to utilize
    - Open bottom allows easy replacement of empty tissue boxes
    - All rectangular boxes with up to 100 sheets fit
    - Stays in place when you pull out a tissue
    - Made of durable powder-coated steel

    Volume Discount


    Contact us if you are a business client, especially if you are a concept store, retailer, fashion boutique or hotel, we are always happy to hear about new partnerships.


    How do I put the disposable box in the Tissue Box?
    The Tissue Box has an open bottom - just cover the disposable towel box with it!

    Which disposable towel or tissue boxes fit into the Tissue Box?
    All rectangular boxes with up to 100 sheets fit perfectly. Even if the box has less than 100 sheets, it will fit into the Tissue Box without wobbling.

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