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Art is powerful, it embodies energy for your soul and your space. But as time moves, so do you and so does your space. What would you say, if we told you that we have found large-scale paintings, that can adapt in size, to fit any wall they may hang on, and also shrink to a package so small you could ship it by post or fit on the seat of any car?

We present to you, ModulArt created by concept artist Leda Luss-Luyken. Composed of movable panels, these paintings allow you to interact with them and change their stories by rearranging their modules at will. This is enabled by the proprietary modular frame system, designed by Peppermint Products and allows you to actively take part in the painting's composition over its lifetime.

Take a look to see what we are talking about. We offer both original and prints in the same format.

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