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    What is special about it, except for its special design, you may ask? Perpetua is not made of wood, but of recycled graphite. The recycled material is combined with a licensed chemical component that forms a protective layer. This way your hands do not get dirty while writing. Due to its semicircular shape it cannot roll away from the table, but even if it does, the pencil will not break due to its robust material. This is achieved without the addition of protective varnish and without any further processing.

    This special design by Roman Luyken has hardness grade HB and contains a linear on the flat side and a bright yellow eraser made of natural rubber. As a gift for a friend, for the home office or for your children to draw with, this extraordinary pencil makes a difference!

    "The story behind this Perpetua pencil is really interesting. Because Peppermint Perpetua becomes a ruler on which only the number 7 is engraved. And why? The number 7 has become a kind of lucky charm for Roman. On Perpetua, the number 7 makes it easier to read this unusual ruler without having to engrave other numbers!" Perpetua über Signature Perpetua



    Designer: Marta Giardini / Roman Luyken
    Dimensions: 195 x 8 x 7 mm
    Material: 80% Graphite
    Quantity: 20 per Karton / 120 per Masterpack
    Origin: Planet Earth


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    Is it possible to sharpen the pencil?
    Yes, you can use a normal pencil sharpener for this. But it also writes without a tip.

    Does the pencil write on any surface?
    Like most pencils, it only writes on paper. But in a sustainable way.