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    I want to ride my bicycle, but where to hang my bike?

    Just returned from “Tour de France”. It was so worth it. Magic. But now we have to settle down. Take off our cycling shorts and store our bikes (but not for long). Sure, but where? We know the problem. We want it to be safe, so outside is not an option. We want it easily accessible for a ride, but can’t stand tripping over it all the time. In the apartment the space is shrinking, so we have to be more inventive and imaginative than ever….Let us think. 

    (7 hours later) GOT AN IDEA! Why not hang our bike on the wall and display it like a cool work of art? 

    Wow, that’s genius! How? We’ve got you again. We created a bike wall rack that unfolds from a piece of powder-coated steel to a structure that holds your bike. It can be installed with minimal effort, it is lightweight, stable and elegant. It holds any bicycle with a horizontal crossbar, a maximum width of 58 cm and maximum weight of 20 kg. Plus, felt pads are included to prevent scratches. 

    So, if your bike is standing in the way, stealing valuable living space, but is also too beautiful to hide it in the storage room or  garage, just mount it on this bike wall hanger and make it part of the interior decor of your living room, bedroom or hallway! 

    Biiiiiicycle  BIIIIICYCLE 

    I want to ride my bicycle, I want to HANG my bike

    (Queen also approve this idea)


    - Makes bike storage easy -> Makes everyday cycling in the city easier -> Cycling is a very clean way to get around a city and can have enormous benefits for health, greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, road safety and equity. Plus, it is a fast and low cost transport option. Good for you, good for society, good for the environment :)
    - Bike wall storage saves floor space-> More storage and living space for us!
    - Designed to easily assemble and disassemble and to pack in a compact form, so as to be easily transported by courier or by your car.
    - Lasered in Germany
    - Zero waste and Plastic free product


    Designer: Tim Plorin
    Dimensions: | 
    Material: Steel Powdercoated
    Origin: Planet Earth


    - Lightweight and Stable
    - Space-saving
    - Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use
    - Perfect for small studios or apartments
    - Quick and easy mounting

    Volume Discount


    Contact us if you are a business client, especially if you are a concept store, retailer, fashion boutique or hotel, we are always happy to hear about new partnerships.


    Does the bike lift rust?
    No, the powder coating prevents your bike lift from rusting.

    Can I hang my e-bike on this bike hanger?
    Any bicycle with a horizontal crossbar, a maximum width of 58 cm and maximum weight of 20 kg can be mounted on the bike wall hanger.

    Can I hang my bike horizontally as well as vertically on this bike wall rack?
    No, your bike can only be mounted horizontally on the bike rack.

    What types of walls can the bike wall stand be mounted to?
    Wherever you can fasten things with screws and dowels. The wall should be stable and the bike lift stand shall not be attached to the wall with nails.

    Can the bicycle holder be installed outside?
    Of course!

    Is mounting material included?
    No, mounting screws are not included.

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