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    A USB Poweradapter, designed as an extension for our Plug collection. It has two USB ports so that you can charge two devices simultaniously at 20Watts.



    - One adapter for more devices. Getting more from less is always best.
    - Plastic free packaging


    Designer: Roman Luyken
    Dimensionen: 63x45x45mm42 g
    Material: Stahl pulverbeschichtet / PVC
    Menge: 1
    Herkunft: Planet Erde

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    Is the charging cable included?
    No, the charging cable is not included, as each device has its own cable.

    What devices is the Power Adapter compatible with?
    Plug-2 USB Adapter is compatible with any device that can be plugged-in in a traditional USB-A port. Such as smartphones, i-pads, cameras, headphones, smart bands, and others.

    With what type of sockets is this charging block compatible?
    Plug-2 USB Adapter is compatible with Europlug.

    My device connects with USB-3.1 - 3.0 - 2.0. Is it compatible?
    The version of the USB, as long as it’s a classic USB-A. It doesn't matter for the charging of the device. The device will deliver up to 10.5 Watts of power.

    My phone’s charger is 10 Watts. Can I use the Plug-2 USB Adapter?
    Yes. Smartphones will only take up to the amount of power that they can use from the 10.5 W charger. Your 10W phone will take the amount of power needed to charge properly.

    My device needs 50 Watts to charge. Is it safe to use the Plug-2 USB Adapter?
    No, if the device draws more power than 10.5 Watts, then you should not use it, as it may overheat and potentially harm your device.

    Can I order an adaptor in a special color?
    That is possible, but only for larger order quantities. We often supply business customers with custom-made products.


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