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    Hangers are your guest's best friend.

    Imagine your guest has found the perfect destination, booked a room at their dream hotel (that's your hotel of course), and finally the big moment has arrived! They walk into the room and everything seems great. The coconut mattress. The breathtaking view. Even the bath soap is wisely chosen. Convinced that they made the right choice, it’s time to “settle down" and organize their stuff. They open the closet.. But, wait a minute, what happened to the hangers?

    Be it in a vibrant metropolis or a tiny island, the truth is that every guest deserves to spend his holiday in a space with well-considered details. Like our designer clothes hangers. Available in either a specially customized for hotels, anti-theft version or in a regular non anti-theft one. Thanks to their textile cover, they are noiseless and won't scratch your wardrobe's hanger bar. Plus, they have a wide surface and a good grip, so that the clothes won't slip.

    Give your guests' clothes the short-term home they deserve, contact us now and we’ll be happy to get to know you and your specific needs better :)

    *If you're interested in custom color options, feel free to ask for what you need.


      - Hotel hangers are hand-made in social workshops for people with disabilities, near Stuttgart, Germany.
      - Designed and manufactured in Germany under fair and safe conditions. Short transport routes and local production guarantee flexibility and high quality, as well as optimize the hell out of the carbon footprint.
      - Made of recyclable materials (PP rope, steel, aluminum).


      Designer: Roman Luyken
      Dimensions: | 130 g
      Material: 2019
      Quantity: 24 per Carton
      Origin: Planet Earth


      Hotel Anti-Theft design (optional)
      Quantity Discounts for Hotels
      Custom Color Options
      Strong and Stable
      Sweat and Dirt repellent
      Hand-made in social workshops

      VAT / Shipping / Returns


      - Our Standard Hangers (no anti-theft): Immediate shipping up to +-100 Hangers
      - Hotel hangers in Standard Colors (anti-theft design in one of the 7 site colors): 4-6 weeks
      - Please don’t hesitate to contact us if this is urgent and we will do our best!
      - Custom Color: 12 weeks (Minimum Order Quantity: 800 hangers)

      VAT is not included

      RETURNS are not accepted, but we can send samples upfront.


      Don't the hangers get dirty quickly, since they are made of rope?
      The material of our Rope Hangers (PP rope) is sweat and dirt repellent. In any case, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth.

      Do the hangers bend? How much weight can they hold?
      Not during normal use, they have a very strong steel core. They can take up to 10 kg.

      Can I brand the Hangers with my Hotels Logo?
      Yes, you can. There will be an extra charge for that, but contact us and we can always discuss it on an individual basis.

      Can I also get the normal version without the anti theft design?
      Of course. You can get either the anti theft version or the standard hangers version. If you want to order the standard version without the anti theft design, please contact us to inform you about the quantity discounts for hotels.

      Can I get a completely custom color?
      If you want to order a custom color other than the standard 7 colors you see on the site, please contact us.

      Is further customization possible?
      Contact us and we will discuss it on an individual basis. We’ll be happy to get to know your specific needs better!