The Peppermint Products Promise: Crafting Sustainability and Quality.

The Peppermint Products Promise: Crafting Sustainability and Quality.

The Heart Behind Our Handmade Rope Hangers

First things first! At the heart of our brand is our unique partnership with a social workshop near Stuttgart, Germany which lasts for over 7 years. Here, talented hands and passionate hearts come together to create our rope products for the wardrobe, one by one by hand, in a dedicated Peppermint space within the workshop. So, it goes like this: Roman designs the products in the most optimal way possible, based on the following design philosophy: a product should be functional, aesthetic, innovative, sustainable, and of course... human. Then, our workshop team works on the product from start to finish and they do not deliver anything that does not meet their standards - and believe us, their standards are quite high!

How does that work? The social workshop is part of a government program designed to provide employment opportunities for people with different backgrounds and special needs. This initiative aims to reintegrate these individuals into society, empowering them with skills, confidence, and a purpose. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this program, contributing to creating a supportive environment for everyone involved, and always ensuring that our team is employed in a dignified manner and receives fair compensation for their dedication and hard work.

So, for us, this collaboration isn't just about creating exceptional hangers, it's also about making a difference. Every hanger you purchase supports a community and empowers lives. But at the same time, our team delivers results of such high quality that we would not have done it otherwise. They have proven to be our longest and one of the most valuable and reliable partners we have ever had, and we are so grateful to work with Wilfried, Sandra, Michael, and their crew!


Sustainability in Every Stitch

Sustainability isn’t just a trend for us; it's our brand's contribution to the planet and it’s woven into our very fabric:

    • Investing in Quality: in a world of fast fashion, we create products out of durable materials (steel core, rope coating) meant to last. Our hangers aren't just accessories, they're durable pieces designed to last for years and in which you can invest. We believe in creating products that don't just end up in landfills, respecting both the environment and your money.
    • Plastic-Free Packaging.
    • Recyclable Materials: all the materials we use can be recycled - you know, just in case your grandchildren don't like your style.
    • Minimal Waste, Maximum Craftsmanship: we believe in making the most with the least. By minimizing waste and maximizing materials, we create hangers that stand the test of time.
    • Local Production: by keeping our production close to home, right here in Germany, we reduce long journeys, optimize our carbon footprint, and contribute to a healthier planet.


Quality, Craftsmanship, and You

So, we at Peppermint don't just make hangers. We create home accessories designed in detail and crafted with care, dedication, and expertise for your best possible experience. Our products are a testament to our values: respect for our employees, partners, and the environment, and of course, gratitude for you, our customers.

We believe in the power of collaboration, sustainability, and quality. So, when you choose our rope hangers, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in a story, a community, and a future we're building together. And we believe it's worth the investment.


Thank you for being part of our journey.

Team Peppermint 🌻


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