Peppermint in a Nutshell

Peppermint in a Nutshell

pieced together in bits we think might interest you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, leave us a message with your question and we will get back at you.

Once upon a time...

.. on Aril 1. of 2012, we (Nina & Roman) created Peppermint quite spontaneously. All we wanted was a laser-cutter. This tool would give us the possibility to make our own furniture on the spot! The investment was hard to justify without any source of income, so we decided to build a business would allow us to share our ideas! To this day, we don’t own a laser-cutter, but we do have a business, so we are not the only ones enjoying our products!


Roman’s passion had always been the sea, sailing and creating. During his school years, studying yacht design, he learned one detrimental thing: a beautiful yacht is a fast yacht – yes, aesthetics, function and efficiency go hand in hand. Roman learned to put this to practice, earning him design awards, throughout his design engineering studies in London and now at Peppermint.

Roman Luyken Designer


Nina knows a thing or two about keeping things in order. She has her background in architecture and is never afraid to get her hands dirty. We call her the Tetris pro – she manages to stay cool when situations become intense, but also finds the most efficient solutions in just about everything. Without her, we would be lost.

Architect Nina Nikolaus-Leinauer


Studio L" is our Munich design studio where it all started. Well, not quite, at first it was just our bedrooms, then it was Roman’s grandfathers living room that was redesigned and used for creative processes, paper work as well as production in its early stages. Luckily Grandfather Luyken is super chill, he even helped out when we were making the first batches of hangers!!


For anything HAND MADE, we have partnered up with a workshop for people with disabilities by Stuttgart. This isn’t always easy, but it keeps things interesting and it does have a positive social impact. The people making our products here, understand the purpose of what we are doing, they are proud and so are we! While timing might not always be on our side, the quality is never compromised. We love working with you!!

Social Production Made in Germany


LK15 is the name of our new design studio in Athens (2018). Why Athens, you may ask? Hard times call for creativity. This type of creativity is what Peppermint is all about, creating simple solutions that require little resources to solve our problems and desires. Here we have the chance to expand our team with such creative thinkers.

Design Studio in Athens Greece


PRECISION PARTS, are made by a family run metal fabrication shop in Tirol, Italy. Their facility is immaculate, you could literally eat off the floor and it looks a lot more like an operating theatre than a metal shop. State of the art machines, including a 5-axis welding robot ensure that our products are made to highes precision and quality. It is an honour that Peppermint Products components are manufactured here.

Digital Manufacturing

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