Minimalistisches Home Office – Tipps zum Einrichten

Minimalistisches Home Office – Tipps zum Einrichten

"What comes in your mind when you think of home office ? Sitting on the sofa with a laptop on your lap? Working in your pyjamas, only throwing on a tee and a blazer for a video call? Filling the kitchen walls with project management sticky notes? If you are employed in an office job, chances are in the past few months you have done all of the above. Blame it on corona!

The details

The trend of working from home is here to stay. But how can we have a better home office experience, especially when space is limited? The answer lies in the details. Small additions on our desk or workspace can go a long way: they organise us, help us use the space smart, can even motivate and inspire us. We gathered our Peppermint-favourites that add color, pep and structure to our home office space.

Frame it!

Looking at something nice while working can help relax during stressful moments or even enhance your creativity. If your desk is next to a window with a view, that’s great. If not, find a picture that inspires you or calms you down and hang it on the wall. The Framekit has your back: clean and minimal, it puts your picture on the spotlight without distracting, unnecessary decorations.

Put the cable salad in order

A Laptop, 2 cellphones, a headset, maybe even a second monitor. At some point they need to get plugged in and you will need a powerstrip on your desk aka kitchen table for that. Make it a good looking one, like the Plug 3. Choose your favourite color (maybe one that matches the kitchen :P)

Get yourself some beautiful utensils

Digital is great! But sometimes we find ourselves wanting to really write something down. With an actual pencil. So we have designed our own version of the sustainable Perpetua-Bleistift. It really makes a difference!

Don´t forget to organise your utensils

Pencils, pens, sticky notes, markers and a cellphone charger, all scattered on the table. A cluttered desk hardly helps us concentrate. So if you need a little organisation helper, Toolbox is here to put things in order.

Function is crucial, but working in an environment that is pleasing to the eye helps make the home office workdays all the better. Poor yourself some (Peppermint) tea and go into the flow :)

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