"Peppermint Products: the story "


May I introduce to you: Nina and Roman from Peppermint Products. Nina and Roman have been friends and neighbors since their teenage years. Since both are passionate about design and aesthetics, they had a product idea: a flat packed cardboard chair that can be easily assembled as a DIY project. How great it would be if they could bring this idea to life! But they didn't exactly have the means to realize the project. They needed a digital plotter, but such an expensive device could only be financed with a source of income. So the idea of a company around the concept was born!

As the company was slowly taking shape, the two designers developed their design and manufacturing values. They had a huge list of possible company names and they went for ""Peppermint Products"". A star was chosen as the logo, representing the five pillars of the   ""Peppermint philosophy"".

Half a year later, Roman was working overtime for projects that were not his own. He realized that this is not his goal! He finally took the plunge and together with Nina they concentrated full-time on Peppermint Products and launched the first   cardboard products. The production started growing, the two designers think big and want to make a difference. Peppermint is here to stay!


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