Okay, But Why Hangers?

Okay, But Why Hangers?

Today I've got a hanger story for you - I can feel your excitement! 

It all started with a pile of dirty clothes (yes, like the one that's been growing in the corner of your room for a week). It was Sunday morning and I finally decided to do the laundry. Next thing I remember is grabbing the freshly dried clothes and folding them with a sense of accomplishment.

(until I realized I lost a sock again, seriously where do they all go? Anyway, farewell sweet sock, we'll all miss you, especially your pair 🥲)

So, I'm on the last step. I put on my favorite housework music, Uptown Funk, you should try that, and while hanging up my favorite shirt, I notice that it's covered in weird bumps. And marks. "Oh, not again." I couldn't take it anymore. I had to find new hangers soon. Soft and reliable.


Long story short, I didn't find those, so I had to actually make them on my own 👆


So...you may ask, what makes the Peppermint Hangers different from others in the market?

Okay, you can easily see that they are beautiful, no need to say that.
But they do also offer a range of benefits that can help keep your wardrobe tidy and in top condition:

- Space-saving and practical design: Our Rope Clothes Hanger has a sleek, minimalist design that maximizes your closet space and organization while keeping your clothes tidy and easily accessible. You can hang multiple garments on one hanger without worrying about them getting tangled, wrinkled, or damaged.

- Non-slip and noise-free grip: The designer Hanger is also coated in a soft and non-slip textile material that prevents your clothes from slipping off, and also eliminates any noise that may come from hangers banging against each other (you remember that sound they make when that happens, right...?)

- Durable and eco-friendly materials: The Rope Hanger for clothes is made with a strong and durable aluminum core, and covered in a soft and sustainable rope material. These materials are both practical and socially responsible, making them a great choice both for the environment and your clothes.

- Handmade and socially made: They are all handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring that each one is unique and made with care. The production process is socially responsible, providing fair wages and safe working conditions for the makers.

- Gentle on clothes fabrics: Their soft textile cover is gentle on your clothes fabrics, preventing them from getting stretched or damaged over time. This makes them ideal for delicate or expensive garments, such as silk, wool, cashmere and others.


Try them out today (and please let us know what you think about your brand new clothes storage 😊)

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