Our Gift Guide for Christmas

Our Gift Guide for Christmas


It has been a crazy year, and even the holiday season might be totally different than we know it. Chances are we may need to send our gifts via post or leave them at the doorstep of our loved ones and open them over mulled wine via online conference.

No matter how complicated it might get, we still want to get our gifts right. Even more this year, we want our gifts to bring joy and the recipient to love whatever we get them! How do we achieve that? We have gathered our thoughts and tips on how to find the best gifts for this special holiday season.

Choose a gift according to the person's interests

First things first: Make a list of all the things the person is interested in and define who they are. Now brainstorm a gift that fits with each item on that list. This will help you to focus on them rather than you. It is more about what they like, rather than your own preferences. Listen for hints from the receiver and recall conversations. They may hate conventional household devices, but at the same time love technology and gadgets that upgrade everyday life. Maybe our very own Plug-3 would be great for the friend that appreciates good looking gadgets?  Did you also know that you can become a product tester and try the product for yourself? This way you will get a 50% discount in exchange for your feedback and you will be sure if this gift is proper for them!



Give the gift of a shared memory

Take a look into the past. Recreate a childhood picture and place it next to the original in a special photo frame especially for your loved ones. There will be tears and laughter, especially if it is a gift for your parents! This also works as a gift for your childhood best friend. Write a special note on the back of his favorite picture and frame it. A transparent picture frame, such as our Framekit, is ideal for this, so that this special note can always be read.


The gift that keeps on giving

If material things are not sufficient, give your loved ones the gift of learning (sounds fancy, right :P). A language course, an online course on their field of interest (see your list from tip #1) or a seminar you could even attend together. In the time of Corona, these offers will probably take place online, but the gift is still going to be invaluable!

Practical, but make it beautiful!

Think about what the person needs. Instead of finding the perfect gift, put together several smaller gifts on the same theme. Has your best friend recently moved to a new home? Is your partner about to do a new set up for the home office, now that he's stuck at home because of Corona? Or does your good friend want to purge her closet at the turn of the year (we have a practical guide for this, by the way)? Help her out, for example with new, fancy clothes hangers and matching S-Hooks that will spice up her closet. Remember: practical does not have to be boring!

Create the gift yourself - of course you can!

For your family and loved ones: Make it personal in a different way. Create a special gift yourself, made especially for them. Create a piece of art, sew a bag, knit a scarf. Of course this requires creativity and time on your part, but that's what it's all about: you put a tiny bit of yourself into this Christmas present!

It's really nice to have casually mentioned something and a few months later get it as a gift. It shows that you payed attention. But the most important thing is to select each gift with love and care for the person to whom it is addressed. So focus on that!

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