• Beine für Schreibtisch oder Esstisch aus Stahl zum anschrauben, pulverbeschichtet in weiß. Minimalistisches Design. Zum selber bauen.
  • Dining table made of a special kind of wood | Peppermint products
  • Legs made of steel for desk  | Peppermint products
  • Table legs for dining table | Peppermint products
  • Table legs for computer desk | Peppermint products
  • Steel table legs for office desk | Peppermint products
  • Tischbeine aus Stahl zum anschrauben, pulverbeschichtet. Minimalistisches Design.
  • Beine für Schreibtisch oder Esstisch aus Stahl zum anschrauben, pulverbeschichtet in weiß. Minimalistisches Design. Zum selber bauen.
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    Legs first. Mojitos next.

    Just moved in. New home sweet home! Preparing the peppermint Mojitos for your housewarming party. Yeeeeaaaahhhh! But… the thing is you don’t have a table yet. You excitedly began your research. Online shops, stores, catalogs. You’ve spent hours and hours in front of your laptop and in the streets looking for that perfect table that has something different. Something unique. That you could imagine your life with it….BUT THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Like they were all made by the same person! Too small. Too thin. Too ordinary. I don't like this wood. Maybe in another color, please? Too boring. What if I want to replace it? Too big. Maybe I’ll need to move again in a year or two. I need something flexible and easy to move. Something more.. personal! Oh, this is so hard.

    When we choose our furniture, we sometimes need a unique design piece. For example, a dining table made of a special kind of wood. Or a stylish desk for our home office. Or a colorful garden table for cocktail making. This is the idea behind Leg 7. Think of it: with our table legs made of powder-coated steel you can build it yourself!

    The legs come in a set of 4 and transform every tabletop into a unique table. They don't wobble, and thanks to the powder coating they are robust and scratch-resistant. Also ideal for outdoor use, depending on the tabletop you choose, of course. Simply screw the feet onto the top - mounting is quick and fun! Functional and with a beautiful minimalist design, our Leg 7 table legs enhance the style of any countertop. Plus, they’re so flexible that when moving or change is needed, you can always convert it from a dining table to a workstation. 

    Yes, now you can have the mojitos as well :)

    P.S. this tabletop works really well with our Leg 7: shop in the IKEA online store .



    - With our table legs, you won't have to buy a new table every time you move to a new city or every time your needs change. They can easily be transported to your new place and just change the table top if it doesn’t fit the new place.
    - Also, they are so versatile that they can change many uses over the years, such as a small studio dining table, an outdoor garden table, your kitchen table or the inspiring home office table, so you won't ever have to replace them… Well, unless they are broken. But still, they won't break as they are made of powder coated stainless steel which makes them incredibly robust and durable. So, no choice. You’ll be stuck with these 4! - Well, if your grandchildren don’t need them, they can always recycle them :)
    - 100% waste-free and plastic free product
    - Plastic-free packaging


    Designer: Roman Luyken
    Dimensions: 740x110x110mm
    Material: Steel Powdercoated
    Origin: Planet Earth


    - Quick and easy screwing
    - Suitable for any table top with thickness of approx. 35mm to a maximum of 40mm
    Sturdy and stable
    - High load capacity (up to 100 kg, depending on the tabletop)
    - Robust and scratch-resistant
    - Flexibility and Individuality

    Volume Discount


    Contact us if you are a business client, especially if you are a concept store, retailer, fashion boutique or hotel, we are always happy to hear about new partnerships.


    Is there a tabletop included?
    No, this is a set of 4 table legs without a table top.
    In what height are the table legs available? Are they adjustable?
    The table legs each have a total height of 74 cm and the support height for the table top is 71 cm. The legs are not adjustable.
    How much weight can the legs carry?
    Depending on the top, the maximum load of the table legs is about 100 kg.
    How can the legs be attached to the tabletop?
    They can be screwed to the table top with 3x5mm screws per leg. The screws are not included.
    Which worktop fits best?
    At 30mm thickness, the surface of the tabletop board is aligned with the upper edge of the legs. We therefore recommend a table top with a thickness of approx. 35mm to a 40mm for both aesthetic and structural reasons..
    Is there a simple, plain table top that fits Leg 7?
    The MÖLLEKULLA in solid wood and veneer fits perfectly and the result is a stable, unique table. You can get the tabletop for Leg 7 right here in the IKEA online store.

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