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May I have your attention, please?

Hello. I am the Toolbox :) Yes, I know. I don't look like a toolbox. But I am. Maybe not like the ones in your dad’s shed. But I am a real toolbox too! I'm just new and innovative. And so very cute. No, your dad’s was great too. I'm just different. Let me explain.

Where do I live? So far, I've lived in a bathroom, a kitchen, an office - and a home-office too - a shed, in some cozy cabinets and shelves, hmm let me think.. Oh yeah! And a garden house! Really enjoyed that one. I’ve lived both in the city and the countryside. I’ve even traveled by train once! SO MUCH FUN!!! I usually prefer to be placed near a window, but enjoy getting to know new places, so I’ m open to new adventures.

What do I do? I don’t mean to brag, but I am a multitasker. I enjoy playing so many roles. Like your sewing kit, your accessory box or your makeup case. An utensil container for the kitchen or the garden toolbox. I’d also love to keep your craft supplies, your kid’s seashell collection (Oh, I do love the sea!) or help you keep everything in order, as an office toolbox (Oh, I do love order!). Everything fits well here and is easily accessible due to my smart ergonomic design.

What am I made of? Powder coated steel. That’s why I am strong and scratch-resistant and I can live for many years to come. So, please, don't throw me away. You can use me in so many creative ways, so you never get bored of me. Plus, I have 8 different compartments which you can rearrange whenever you want. SO COOL!!!!
Why do I exist? Oh, that’s a tricky one. I mean, who can ever be sure? Sure thing is that I was made to step out of my box….

Hello. I am the Toolbox. Nice to meet you :)


- As I said, I am made of Powder coated Steel which makes me durable and long-lasting. Plus, I am so versatile that you can use me for many years in so many different ways, so you don’t need to replace me soon. Unless I am broken at some time. Then, your grandchildren could recycle me. I can be recycled practically forever without expelling residual waste.
- I help you keep things organized, which is a huge time saver and can free up more time for fun and quality activities for yourself and your loved ones :)
- 100% waste & plastic-free product & packaging


Designer: Tim Plorin, Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 262x116x118mm
Material: Steel Powdercoated
Origin: Planet Earth


- 8 compartments in different sizes
- 2-level system
- Optimized design ensures lightness and durability
- Easy to carry
- Scratch-resistant
- Eco Friendly
- Great (home) office gift


How many compartments does the toolbox have?
It has 8 compartments in different sizes. The compartments have a unique two-level system, so that there is room for small items in the lower section, and larger items can be stored above it, extending over several compartments within the box.

Can the dividers be removed and arranged as desired?
Yes, the handle of the toolbox can be removed, then you can arrange the compartments as you wish and snap the handle back over the clip system.

Can I have the utensil container in multicolor?
You can't buy a multicolored toolbox per se, but if you buy two or more organizers in different colors, then you can mix and match the individual parts to create the color combinations you desire most!


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