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Rope Hooks Black

Rope Hooks Black

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In our rope collection, we have switched to a new rope supplier which is just that little bit nicer. We had a great transition with all colors, except there was one black sheep 🐑.. We don't want to throw all that black rope we have left over away, so we are offering it on sale right here. These hooks in this rope are still great, just a bit different to the new ones 😇

Ask us if you have any questions : )



Dimensions: 410x10x180mm
Material: Polypropylene / Steel / Aluminium
Origin: Planet Earth


- Strong and stable
- Anti-Slip
- Gentle on fine fabrics
- Noise-free
- Sweat and dirt resistant


Don't the hangers get dirty quickly, since they are made of rope?
The material of our Rope Hangers (PP rope) is sweat and dirt resistant. In any case, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth, even the white ones.

Can I buy a mixed set of clothes hangers?
No, unfortunately, this gets too complicated in our warehouse.

Do the hangers bend?
Not during normal use, they have a very strong steel core. If the load is 7 kilos or less, you have nothing to worry about.


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