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Plug-2 USB Adapter

Plug-2 USB Adapter

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Imagine if someone told you that for the next hour you could use either your smartphone or your i-pad. It seems like a bad joke, right? Or a very bad horror movie. You'd probably answer something like:  “Are you nuts?”, “No way!”, “This is 2022, man!”

Now think about having your smartwatch wait until your headphones are fully charged, so as to charge itself.  Or having your speaker take a nap until the camera is fully fed. You don't want your favorite gadgets to fight among each other,  AND you certainly don't want your roommate arguing with you over the last powerstrip plug available! So, it goes without saying that you don't need to choose which one you love the most out of your favorite gadgets - and friends. You love them all, you need them all and you want them all now! 

That’s what we thought and designed Plug - 2 USB Power Adapter, as an extension accessory for our Plug-3 Powerstrip, so that you can make the most of it. The USB power adapter offers fast and efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go and has two USB ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously at 10.5 Watts. Plus, you can reuse this simple and elegant charging block for multiple devices instead of having all these different charging blocks filling up the room.

Beautiful yet functional. Think 2ice ;)


- 1 adapter with 2 ports: Getting more from less is always best. Use PLUG-2 USB for multiple devices instead of buying more different chargers -> fewer chargers worldwide -> less material waste
- Plastic free packaging


Designer: Roman Luyken
Dimensions: 63x45x45mm42 g
Material: Steel Powdercoated / PVC
Origin: Planet Earth


- Plug-3 Powerstrip extension
- 2 USB Ports: Charging 2 devices at the same time
- Compatible with most smartphones and tablets
- Fast charge (10.5 W)
- Compact and lightweight, suitable for traveling
- Great gift for both man and woman


Is the charging cable included?
No, the charging cable is not included, as each device has its own cable.

What devices is the Power Adapter compatible with?
Plug-2 USB Adapter is compatible with any device that can be plugged-in in a traditional USB-A port. Such as smartphones, i-pads, cameras, headphones, smart bands, and others.

With what type of sockets is this charging block compatible?
Plug-2 USB Adapter is compatible with Europlug.

My device connects with USB-3.1 - 3.0 - 2.0. Is it compatible?
The version of the USB, as long as it’s a classic USB-A. It doesn't matter for the charging of the device. The device will deliver up to 10.5 Watts of power.

My phone’s charger is 10 Watts. Can I use the Plug-2 USB Adapter?
Yes. Smartphones will only take up to the amount of power that they can use from the 10.5 W charger. Your 10W phone will take the amount of power needed to charge properly.

My device needs 50 Watts to charge. Is it safe to use the Plug-2 USB Adapter?
No, if the device draws more power than 10.5 Watts, then you should not use it, as it may overheat and potentially harm your device.

Can I order an adaptor in a special color?
That is possible, but only for larger order quantities. We often supply business customers with custom-made products.


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