Make the best out of limited living space - 5 Ideas

Make the best out of limited living space - 5 Ideas


In the past few months most of us have spent more time at home than we ever thought likely. So we at Peppermint Products have collected the tricks that have helped us use our living and working space more efficiently. Here you go:

1. Declutter

Nothing makes a space shrink and feel more cramped than having too many things that we don´´'t use. When clutter accumulates, living space seems to become smaller and smaller. So before you read our next tip, sort out your belongings. This applies to any room, from your workspace/home office to the kitchen. As for your wardrobe, read our easy guide here.

2. store to the maximum.

When you're done with Tip 1, all you need to do is create maximum storage space. Make the most of your walls: Hang your kitchen utensils on special shelves to make room in the cupboard. Hang your bike on the wall so it doesn't get in the way - bonus style points if your bike is pretty. It will look like real decoration. Get creative with your decoration and storage solutions and buy multifunctional furniture that not only looks great but also serves a purpose (e.g. a coffee table with storage space).

3. Divide and admire!

Separate your living room from your home office effortlessly with a double-sided bookshelf. It carries your documents & books and gives the impression of separate rooms. Or add a simple panel that makes all your personal items disappear - especially usefull if you live in a small apartment!

4. Paint it (not) black

Make any room appear larger by using light colours on the walls. This makes the room look more airy and open. Lighter colours maximise the light of the space, while darker colours make the room look narrower. Especially if it's your home office, you don't want that effect when you're sitting there making video calls for 8 hours straight.

5. Tidy up!

In smaller rooms disorder manifests itself much more quickly than in larger rooms, so keep track and tidy up on a regular basis. Fortunately, small rooms can be cleaned up fast! ;)

Just because we work or live in small rooms does not mean that we should feel cramped or limited. What are your tips and tricks for making the most of your living space and enjoying your time there more?

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