New Year, New Us: Our Goals For 2022

New Year, New Us: Our Goals For 2022

Based on the infinite success of last year's review (you might need to read it here to see if I am being sarcastic or not), we couldn't skip the temptation of putting our new goals on the internet. This way they will remain for eternity for everyone to read. To make this a little more fun, we have 3 real goals and a fake one. If you can spot which one is the fraud, you are either a genius or a fortune teller.

Transform into Nightowls 🦉 

What can we say? We love to sleep. We believe that a good night’s sleep can make you so energetic and capable of chasing all your dreams during the day. But, we would be willing to give that up for you. The thing is that we are proud of what we have created and we want to continue to create new designs. In order to do that, our goal is to spread the word about our brand. For that, we also depend on you.  Feel free to let people know about our aspirations and our next plans, by joining our mailing list here.

Ace the Roller Coaster Operator Exams 🎢

As you may have heard, 2021 has been a madhouse for manufacturing and shipping. Apparently, the “Evergreen'' situation didn’t help either! While we had to face breath-taking loops, dips and hairpin turns we also had to ensure that we had stocked the necessary quantities for our products. The major delays in shipping didn’t leave us much choice after all. In all that fuss, we decided that we would love to enjoy the ride instead of feeling anxious about the next turn. We figured out that the best way to do so is to bring manufacturing closer to us (and you) so that we can be more agile in product development and have the necessary stock to deliver your orders all year round.

Become Activists for Freedom ✈️

Recently, we set out on our first adventure in ”Furniture Land”, a place where all your favorite furniture is designed for the move and can be easily transferred through post or even inside your car… What a lovely dream, right? We actually liked it so much that we are determined to make it real! So sit tight and watch us achieve greatness or fail miserably, only time will tell… But we are very optimistic!

Turn your Home into a Luxurious Spa 💆‍♀️

Everyone’s life is different, but I think we all have something in common. We love to be pampered a little every now and then. This is why we want to launch “Peppermint Pampering” as our next collection in which we come into your home and make you feel great in a SPA type of way. “Bliss Unplugged” is what it will feel like, but what will actually show up at your doorstep is yet unknown.

So, which one is fake? Well, we set out with fake pretenses when writing our resolutions, but turns out we were really impressed by our own fake ideas! We kind of want to make all of these a reality! In effect, this means we will all have to wait until 2023 to know which one of the above was the ‘unreal’ goal.. But please, feel free to comment below ;)

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