What’s your take on To-Do Lists?

What’s your take on To-Do Lists?

During our effort to adapt to a new way of working - and living - in 2020/2021, our productivity couldn't stay unaffected. It has been one of the hottest topics for publishers for the past 18 months. I am not a productivity expert, but I have discovered what works for me to keep my motivation high. Any guesses what that might be? To-do list-making, of course! 

Let me transfer some of my "wisdom" to you, but before we dive in, here are some fun facts about to-do lists found by to-do-listologist Sasha Cagen:

Fact No. 1

According to Cagan’s survey, 83% of to-do-list-makers prefer preparing their lists with pen and paper. In case you are wondering why the explanation is simple. Crossing things off with a pen simply feels better. Half of the participants (myself included) admitted that they enjoy including tasks that have already finished their lists.

Fact No. 2

To-do lists are said to reduce anxiety. They give you direction regarding your everyday tasks, but also give you the satisfaction that you actually get things done. That is one of the reasons I love them.

That being said, here is how I boost my productivity in my office: Hopefully, these will help you increase your productivity too. 😊

Advice No. 1

I like to start easy. When tasks are piling up you might lose your way. What I do is to begin my list with the easiest tasks, and work my way to the most demanding ones. Completing an easy task gets my endorphins going which supplies me with enough ‘fuel’ to face the next challenge on my list.

Advice No. 2

Make a new to-do list every day. I find it pretty frustrating to read lists with a ton of notes, it cramps my motivation. Making a new list at the start of each day, also allows me to adapt it to my current mood. I get things done but I also feel free. I choose what I do and I am in control. Even if this means choosing horrible tasks when the choice is mine, my mindset changes.

Advice No. 3

I keep it simple. One of the most discouraging things can be a mile-long to-do list. What has worked for me is the creation of small lists. I try to only include about half the amount of tasks I think I can achieve in a day. Once completed, I reward myself with the freedom of allowing myself to do whatever I want for the rest of the day. This changes my mindset and usually results in me completing some of the ‘not so fun’ tasks on my list. If I don’t feel I must do something, it becomes a lot easier to do.

All this to-do list-making inspired me to design a product for this purpose. When I created the Peppermint Note Roller, my purpose was to simply make list-making more fun. The Note Roller allows you to make really long lists without the boundaries of a page. The exciting part comes when you complete an entire segment of tasks. Here you can tear off that segment over the Rollers toothed edge, adding onto the satisfying analog feeling of crossing off tasks. Try it and feel the accomplishment with every rip!

I would love to hear your opinion on list-making! Please share in the comments below if you feel like it :)

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