Our products follow our minimumMAXIMUS design philosophy. Designed to create maximum output from minimal resources, this helps our planet, our pocketbooks and our style. Wherever possible, our home accessories are made in social workshops by people with disabilities to promote equal opportunities.

Meet our home accessories and furniture collection below:

20 products
  • 5 Rope Hooks
    Loop hooks to hang your stuff | Peppermint products
  • Plug-3 Powerstrip
    Mehrfachsteckdose Peppermint products
  • 3 Loop Hangers
    Designer Kleiderbügel mit Textilbezug Peppermint Products
  • 5 Cord Hangers
  • Loop Rope Wardrobe
    Design wardrobe from rope | Peppermint products
  • 5 Cord S-Hooks
    S haken aus Seil | Peppermint products
  • Plug-6 Powerstrip
    6-fach Steckdosenleiste mit Schalter in schwarz aus Stahl | Peppermint products
  • Plug-1 Extension Cable
    Extension cord made of steel | Peppermint products
  • Toolbox
    Toolbox aus Stahl in weiß, das praktische Organisationswerkzeug für das Bad.
  • 2 Tea Towels
  • Paper Tray
  • Framekit Photo Frame
  • ZigZag Wall Rack
    vielseitige Hängegarderobe aus Stahl in blau
  • Signature Perpetua Pencil
  • Note Roller
  • Tissue Box
  • Toolbox
  • Bike Lift Wall Mount
  • Wall Roller Flipchart
  • Digital-8 House Number