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Toolbox made of steel by Peppermint products
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Order comes handy.

Do you also love order? We do! We want our desk to be organized, our sewing kit to be in one place in the cupboard, our cosmetics to be tidy and stowed away in the bathroom. But we also want all these things to be within easy reach!

So we have created the Toolbox made of steel, the practical organization tool for the desk, the cupboard, the kitchen. Everything fits well here and is organized in the various compartments for storing. The Toolbox is much more than a simple utensil container or  accessory box - it brings order but also allows you to see where the small items are. Thanks to its design and its structure in powder-coated steel, Toolbox is robust and scratch-resistant. It is also portable and stable.  The organization tool you always wanted!

So when you need your tools, be it craft supplies or kitchen utensils, just grab the toolbox from the shelf and you have it in your hand!


Name: Toolbox
Designer: Roman Luyken 
Material: Powder-coated steel
Dimensions: 262x116x118mm | 1,35kg


How many compartments does the toolbox have?
The Toolbox has 8 compartments in different sizes. The compartments have a unique two-level system, so that there is room for small items in the lower section, and larger items can be stored above it, extending over several compartments within the box.

Can the dividers be removed and arranged as desired?
Yes, the handle of the toolbox can be removed, then you can arrange the compartments as you wish and snap the handle back over the clip system.