minimumMAXIMUSThe Peppermint Design Philosophy

The minimumMAXIMUS philosophy rests on 5 pillars. Quoting Dieter Rams, we agree that a product should be functional, aesthetic, innovative and sustainable. But, we feel that one vital ingredient is missing. By adding EMOTION to the equation, we make the product human, that is where we find the MAXIMUS!!

A product should serve its function well and with ease to its user. The details are crucial to any product and will dictate wether it works simply and intuitively, or simply not at all.

Aesthetics are key to a cultivated lifestyle. The products we live with, are an integral part of ourselves. We believe that a beautifully composed product will make you proud and happy.

without innovation there is no development, no looking forward, no outlook, quite depressing actually, which is why finding innovation is our top priority. Even if it is small and incremental, without it, we would be doomed.

A sustainable product needs to be simple, and long lasting. A sustainable business needs to treat its partners and nature with respect. This is the only way we can really build something for our future.

In our opinion, emotion is the highest intelligence, an intelligence that has most often to be proven to be right although we can’t always understand why. We trust our gut, and we like to let emotion guide us.

the big 'WHY'?

Freedom is the worlds greatest luxury, the liberty to act and think as you please. The pursuit of this independence is what drove Roman Luyken to found Peppermint Products with Nina Nikolaus in 2012. Peppermint products is a place where spontaneity is a virtue, a place where creative ideas can flourish. At Peppermint we aim to create products which empower such spontaneity, by creating products which can easily be moved and ‘mis’used for functions limited only by the imagination.

Zeitgeist – living in a world of abundance – we find smart ways to rethink the way we interact with everyday objects in our homes. We ask ourselves: How can we make ugly products beautiful? How can we fulfil a common function with an elegant simplicity? How can we make the people that use our products happy?

HOW? Handcrafted in Germany

Sustainability is key, for both nature and healthy relationship with the people around us. We are proud to claim that Peppermint is sustainable through and through. This is not just about slapping a green label onto our products, but rather about contributing to a healthy ecosystem with our suppliers and clients, making sure everyone gets what they deserve. We source our materials locally and work closely with workshops for disable people. We keep a close eye on quality, to produce long lasting products with minimal environmental impact.

Final Words: It’s the small things in life that make the difference. We therefor strive to optimise every detail in our design. Making beautifully simple ideas with great function!